About Us
Making MedVector Happen

MedVector was born out of a suggestion for increasing hospital revenue streams. Co-founder and CEO Scott Stout, working in his former role as a professional investor and options strategist, asked a private equity client that acquired and turned around hospitals why they weren’t pursuing clinical trials. His question was met with a slew of reasons – from not having the pharma relationships to not knowing where to start. “Why don’t you refer patients to other hospitals that do facilitate clinical trials for a referral fee?” he asked. The answer was simple –clinicians don’t want to lose their patients by sending them somewhere else.

“What if we found a turnkey clinical trial company that placed their people in your hospitals and medical offices with some sort of profit-sharing?  And then, when the study is over, they pack-up and leave?” asked Scott. The founder of the private equity company looked him squarely in the eye and said, “Go find me THAT.”

His team’s rigorous due diligence revealed “THAT” didn’t exist. And so, MedVector was born as a connectivity platform to break through the bottlenecks that prevent CROs, sponsors and recruiters from accessing enough qualified participants from diverse backgrounds and locations to fill and complete clinical trials in a timely manner. MedVector’s team of healthcare, high tech, and financial entrepreneurs is building relationships, breaking barriers, and working with clinical trial industry leaders to improve the clinical trials enrollment process without reinventing it.

Leadership Team
Scott Stout


Scott Stout has been recognized as one of the top healthcare innovators of 2021.  While working as a professional investor in high-finance, Scott identified a large gap in the clinical trial marketplace and seized the opportunity to build a team of healthcare, high tech, and pharmaceutical experts to turn his concept of expanding clinical trials, “Beyond Clinical Trial Sites,” into a reality.  Prior to founding MedVector, Scott worked with notable companies such as Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo Private Bank.  His entrepreneurial spirit has driven him to help numerous start-ups develop their market-fit, revenue models, capital raises, and go-to-market strategies.


Ted Barduson


Ted Barduson has more than two decades of success leading operations, sales, and executive team management for transformative, industry-leading healthcare companies and start-ups. He has been instrumental in the growth of several healthcare companies which have led to a number of successful exits. As a visionary strategist specializing in sales and marketing team building, product development and rollout, and business development, he is committed to executing MedVector’s mission to bring clinical trials “Beyond Clinical Trial Sites.”

Dr. Dennis J. Patterson


Dr. Patterson is a senior hospital administrator turned entrepreneur, who has dramatically improved performance in some of the nation’s top hospitals and health systems. In addition to his role with MedVector, his seventh start-up, he is also a managing partner with Healthcare Advisors, and owner and chairman of Verras, Ltd. ─ three companies that are utilizing technology to support a new era of clinical trials. Dr. Patterson lectures internationally on healthcare issues, and is the author of numerous books and publications, including Indexing Managed Care (McGraw-Hill).

Ian Leaman


Ian Leaman is a sought-after expert on business planning and corporate finance. In addition to his role as CFO for MedVector, he is the founder of Duke & Leaman, a management consulting business based in Los Angeles, California. He also serves as CFO of Arkeytp, a company that links physical and digital solutions, and has extensive experience working with start-ups on business development, fundraising, mergers & acquisitions, and investments.

Strategic Advisors
Craig Lipset

Corporate Strategy/Executive Advisor

Craig Lipset designed and co-led the industry’s first fully virtual clinical trial, and continues to serve as a decentralized trials advisor to major pharmaceutical companies, as well as the Innovative Medicines Initiative in Europe. He is co-chair of the Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance, the largest non-profit collaboration advancing the global adoption of decentralized research, with more than 100 member organizations including FDA, pharma, tech, service providers, advocacy, and healthcare organizations. In his role as executive advisor, he will help MedVector develop additional revenue streams and provide marketplace insights related to MedVector‘s impact on clinical trial processes, products, and strategies.

John Neal

Strategic Advisor, Pharma Relations and Clinical Protocol

John Neal brings extensive relationships in pharma, CRO, and clinical research sites to his role at MedVector. He is founder and chairman of PCRS Network, a group of independently owned and operated high quality, high enrolling Phase I, II, and III sites across the U.S. that conduct studies in a wide range of indications. He is a former chair and member of the board of trustees for the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP), and a frequent speaker at industry events.

Kathy Freeman

Strategic Advisor, CRO and Patient Enrollment Relations

Kathy Freeman has managed teams within the CRO marketplace, and has strong relationships with key CRO industry leaders and clinical trial site operations. As executive director of Inspire, a leading health social network, she helps connect patients and caregivers, and find participants for clinical trials within their communities. She also served as vice president of business development for Antidote.me, a digital health company focused on bridging the gap between medical research and people who need it.

Kelly Chu

Advising CTO

Kelly Chu has been leading technology initiatives in healthcare and other high-profile industries for more than 20 years. He is co-founder and CEO/CTO of Sierra Labs, a biotechnology company that automates compliance in regulated markets. Previously, he led the technology team at Science 37, a company focused on clinical research to rapidly accelerate biomedical discovery and bring down the cost of clinical trials. He is on the board of directors of ScaleLA, an organization that connects global health start-ups, strategic partners, and communities; and ISBX, a web and mobile application development company.

Kay Stout

Chief Worldwide Brand Strategist

Kay Stout Manovich has 30 years of experience in the strategic design business. She is a former managing director/chief brand strategist for Landor Associates, and founder of Kay Strategic Branding.

Moze Cowper

Partner, Cowper Law

Moze Cowper, recognized for his work with pharmaceutical and medical device companies, is the former lead counsel for Amgen, where his role included providing training and business advice to clients on negotiation of clinical trial agreements, consent forms, study protocols, and licensing deals.

Rachael Vrooman

Pharmaceutical Pricing and Contracting

Rachael Vrooman is Director of Reconciliation and Financial Strategy for CVS/Caremark. She has held senior management positions with PinnacleRx Solutions, AmerisourceBergen, Apria Healthcare, and OptumRX.

Nicholas Orzano

Managing Partner, Stanton Road Capital

Nick Orzano is Co-President and Principal, Pipeline Health System Principal, Stanton Road Capital, LLC where he works with healthcare and real estate private equity customers.