“The clinical trials system is broken and there needs to be new ways to collect and utilize patient data.”

Janet WoodcockActing Commissioner of FDA

“It’s hard to find participants for oncology and rare diseases. They have strong relationships with their specialists, and specialists are more likely to provide access to their patients if they can stay within their practice to participate in a clinical study. MedVector’s innovative platform provides the key to unlock access to millions of patients.”

Kathy FreemanExecutive Director, Inspire

“Data is useless if you can’t access the patient. Now that we’ve seen what telemedicine can do, the clinical trials industry is ready for MedVector’s innovative technology, which connects patients at local providers with investigators at existing clinical trial sites. This means participants are no longer geographically limited.”

John NealFounder and Chairman of PCRS Network

MedVector’s solution couples widely accepted telemedicine with an innovative business partnering model to open research access at the location patient’s trust most – their local doctor’s office. That is a market innovation we can all get behind.”

Craig LipsetCo-Chair, Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance

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