MedVector is enabling local physicians to use clinical trials as a care option without acting as an investigator or triggering a clinical trial site. With MedVector, treating physicians can “host” clinical trial appointments while capturing the revenue associated with standard-of-care medical tests required by the study protocol. Now patients can participate in clinical trials from the comfort and familiarity of their local provider’s office (including nursing homes, lab sites or prescription pick-up locations).
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The Future of Clinical Trials is Decentralized

The Covid Effect

  • Industry shift to telemedicine has created sustaining change.
  • Increasing public awareness and expectations.
  • 75% of sponsors now incorporating virtual elements into studies.1
  • 73% of sites commit to using telemedicine after pandemic.2

Global Regulatory Support

  • Regulators around the world issued guidance supporting shift to DCT.
  • FDA published commitment supporting decentralized approaches.3

Widespread Industry Support

  • Over 100 pharma, CROs, site networks, advocacy groups, along with FDA have committed to DTC adoption through DTRA.

1. Survey Report: Virtual Trials and the COVID-19 Pandemic, June 2020
2. WCG CenterWatch