Why is HCP recruitment important for clinical trials?

Healthcare providers (HCPs) have access to the patients necessary for clinical trials and *75% of patients say they would participate in a clinical trial if it was recommended by their doctor.

How local physicians want to refer to clinical trials.

While treating physicians believe in research, they are left with limited and unfavorable options; either become an investigator or refer a patient to another doctor. By addressing concerns of patient leakage, additional workload, and risk, doctors are more likely to use clinical trials as a care option.
Why are HCPs willing to share patients using MedVector?
MedVector protects the patient/doctor relationship, compensates for additional workload, aids in patient identification, and enhances patient care through advanced medicine.

It’s a win, win, win… for everyone.

Patients get to participate from their trusted providers office. The clinical trial site has access to more candidates. And the treating physician has access to clinical trials as a care option. All while Pharma gets to save lives, faster.
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