Generate referrals from treating physicians.

Is there a local specialist that should be referring patients to your study, but isn’t?

How local physicians want to refer to clinical trials.

If you know where to look, clinical trial candidates can be readily identified. After all, study candidates are not medical mysteries, they typically have an existing diagnosis and have a relationship with a local provider. However, while treating physicians and specialists believe in clinical research, they rarely refer their patients to clinical trials.

Aligning incentives between investigators and treating physicians.

Non-investigators offering “clinical trials as a care option” is challenging due to misaligned incentives between local providers and investigator teams. Local providers are left with limited and unfavorable options; either become an Investigator or refer a patient to another doctor.

Finally, “clinical trials as a care option.”

MedVector rebalances misaligned incentives though a viable financial model and by addressing the primary concern of patient leakage away from the treating physician.  MedVector enables non-investigator physicians to facilitate select study visits from their practice without becoming an investigator or triggering a clinical trial site.  Now treating physicians can generate revenue for their practice AND provide access to treatment alternatives, while maintaining control of the patient relationship.

Enroll more participants by accessing the missing-majority.

More than 75%* of patients would consider participating in a clinical trial, yet only 9%** are typically invited. The MedVector model creates an industry first on-ramp for non-investigators to access treatment alternatives, patients to access advanced medicine, and research teams to access the missing-majority of clinical trial candidates.
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